Other Features

And then come other features Less Critical for the sound, but perhaps very important for the look of the artist or the band, such as:

  • The shape of the guitar: body ax, body “Gibson,” body in V, body in X, body type “explorer,” among others.
  • The color of the guitar: necessary for the look, ideal colors dark, black, matte, flat, and for others with designs or detailed graphics works.
  • The brand: as already we saw not end up being something significant, at least you want to look like to your idol or follow one trend. Be sure to pursue one brand specific when you have clear their specifications and for what they serve and affect your sound. The brand determines the price but not its quality. The rate increased not mean quality higher only determines the location and the cost of its production, being the most expensive of the manufacturing USA, then Japan and Korea and by last Indonesia and China.

Before buying, try it! and if you’re not very knowledgeable, compensate someone who really yes it is, and if not you can try that in your area do not sell or are you going to buy in one online store, be sure to see many demo and user videos on YouTube, which displays your sound without many additional as pedals, distortion or other , that you allow to appreciate the music of the wood and its capture by the pickups in their different positions. Read reviews or reviews also is very important but must be able to objectively tabulate many of them not to leave you confused, because in spite of that one tool is right not all of them may end up liking, or can be one instrument of natural quality and receive favorable subjective comments.

In Guitars AT ALL, we offer several options of electric guitars ideal for the Heavy Metal genre, since they meet all the characteristics mentioned above.…