Beards and Bands: What’s The Connection

Beards are a common staple to majority of the men who are members of different bands. Some people think that this is because it makes them look tougher, while some say that this is because its part of their appearance and their reputations. But you’re probably here because you’re wondering as to which band members have the best beards in the industry today. In this feature article from AP, they listed down band members with real beards: 

Sure, it had some respectable beards, but some of them were nothing more than glorified five o’clock shadows. Here at AP, we might not walk the red carpet, but this is punk rock goddamnit, and we know a few things about facial hair. Take not Buzzfeed: Here are 20 real beards. Continue reading here…

Have you seen all of their beards? They don’t only make them look like legit band members, but they also look manly! So maybe growing one won’t be bad after all.

How To Choose Your Guitar For Heavy Metal

So first we must try it is before you think to buy one excellent guitar anyone who is the brand, you must make sure that your technique is clean and worked on the feature of a good sound from of your fingers and your method of picking or whatever it is what you use. The best guitar in the world will not solve the problem of a wrong interpretation, but a good performance if you can magnify the worst guitar in the world.

Next, we must talk about the guitar to choose. For the type of genre Metal or Heavy Metal, you should know that your sound shrill, of great body and gain, should be achieved with one right combination


combination of woods, hardware, and pickups.I believe that the brand does not make the difference, because for this genre there is one trend to use brands specific thinking they are the only ones to interpret ideally.


It is so because one brand not it is linked to a genre primarily, so that yes it is, it is your specific configuration, which is what you should know, and here we will share it with you.

Types Of Guitars

There is no brand of guitar perfect for heavy metal and this you can see by reviewing all the different types of guitars that use some of the exponents more known, in which you can see that using guitars type Les Paul, bodies in V, frames in X and more, by not mentioning specific brands.    
If you used the same guitar, all would sound like and do not remember that this happened with Pantera, Led Zeppelin, Slayer, Megadeth, and Metallica. All used brands distinct and forms different both in their performance on stage, as in his recordings.